Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another site, Another blog

Blogging has been around since I started getting into computers. My first attempts at regular blogging were soon blocked off by my school as many derogatory dialogs were said and found by the very people whom these comments were made upon. Therefore, blogging was considered "bad".

However, once graduated, I found that blogging had exploded into a new source of much needed information that people couldn't find when searching on Google, in their local library, or even calling a friend and asking for their advice (if one could call it "advice"). So my search for a blog site started yet again.

I looked around at different sites that a few of my friends used. MySpace seemed to be a good pick as I could type, spew, or vent in anyway I wanted, and my text was well centered and easy to read. However, this started changing as HTML reached grubby handed programmers that implemented color changes on blog spaces. It started to get annoying to see changes such as red and black text on white, or rainbow-colored text on a flashy background that annoyed me to the point that had me finally ditch MySpace.

Joining up with Facebook, I found some friends that were in my local church. I immediately found Facebook was much cleaner and had better security than MySpace. However, it took me over a span of 5 weeks to find out that Facebook's version of blogs was something called "Notes". I never knew a "blog" and a "note" was the same thing, considering that fact that a "note" is something that I take in class and a "blog" is the doodles that randomly on the side on my note.

In any case, my Facebook notes never really reached enough people (or maybe they did and I never knew it). Looking around again, I found myself at Xanga trying to see if I could somehow establish a new account with them. However, with all the site changes they made from 2 years ago, I got frustrated with the constant barrage of emails, as well as the constant reminder telling me to "upgrade your account!" which never really appealed to me. I'm not one for huge visual appeal. That's what drove me away from MySpace.

Poking at Blogger finally gave way as I started to learn terms and usage in vocabulary of a blogger. So far, it seems simple enough and looks great. A plus given to the fact that it constantly saves my blog in the event that I post and my internet connection fails (which seems to be the case right now). However, I needed a place to post my thoughts as well reviews and details about anime and games. Let's see if Blogger suits my needs.

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